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Suzuki Outboards motors for sale

Why Buy Suzuki Outboard Motors?

Suzuki’s experience, expertise and technology led the marine industry in the development of reliable, powerful 4-stroke outboard motors that do not just meet clean air standards, but exceed them. In fact, in 2011 Suzuki Outboard Motors launched their Suzuki’s “Clean up the World Campaign” promoting their vision of a great day on the water in a clean healthy environment.

Suzuki Outboards For Sale

Suzuki Outboard Motors boasts a lineup of portable, four-stroke outboards, including the 2.5hp single cylinder, 4 stroke Suzuki outboard, the compact, 4hp Suzuki outboard, and the easy to transport 6hp Suzuki boat motor. Continuing the lineup is the 9.9hp motor from Suzuki outboard motors, designed with battery-less electronic fuel injection. Delivering more power than you need with amazing fuel efficiency is the 15hp Suzuki outboard motor.

Outboard suzuki motors for sale

The 20hp Suzuki outboard delivers quick starts and superior performance. The 25hp is the most technically advanced portable on today’s market. Last, but definitely not least, is the 30hp Suzuki outboard motor designed with Suzuki’s EFI system.

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Suzuki Outboards